Here at Rikel Motorsports, it is our mission to provide an excellent buying experience for those who are looking for used or pre-owned dirt bikes and four wheelers in South Florida. We aim to take the footwork out of the buying process so that you don’t have to. By being a family-owned and operated, local motorsport company in Broward County, we have the professionalism that major competitors lack. We act as a friend in the buying process, encouraging you to walk away from bad deals, and helping you find the most bang for your buck. Let Rikel Motorsports make buying or selling a dirt bike, four wheeler, ATV or more, simple and haggle-free.

Buy Used Bikes 85%
Sell Inventory 90%
Custom Search for Clients 75%
Improve the Pre-Owned Buying Experience 100%

Our Process

  • Search

    First, we search for used dirt bikes, four wheelers, or ATVs to buy in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, or any surrounding area.

  • Negotiate

    Rikel Motorsports contacts sellers to negotiate a good deal based off of known listing information, and schedule a time to meet-up and inspect the bike or ATV.

  • Paperwork

    Our team completes a Bill of Sale for each bike or four wheeler we purchase, for our records and for yours. We acquire the title, if possible, and all associated documents.

  • Pick-Up

    Rikel Motorsports keeps various trailer types in stock to transport the bike or ATV back to our location to be added to inventory. We also deliver purchased inventory for buyers.